5 popular types of Sushi’s you must try

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Sushi is a Japanese traditional dish up of off with sushi rice, seafood or other ingredients, and occasionally nori (dried seaweed) or other toppings. To give it a slightly sweet and tangy flavor, the rice is usually mixes with a small amount of sugar, salt, and rice vinegar. The seafood can be serve raw or cooked and may include tuna, salmon, shrimp, or eel, among other options. There are 5 popular types of sushi’s

1. Nigiri:

popular types of sushi's, nigiri sushi

Among popular types of sushi’s, Nigiri is a famous type. A small mound of sushi rice is adding to the top with a slice of raw fish or other seafood in this sushi. Before placing the fish on top, the chef usually shapes the rice by hand and sprinkles it with wasabi.

2. Maki

popular types of sushi's, maki sushi

Non-other than other popular types of sushi’s. Maki sushi is made by rolling sushi rice and various ingredients such as raw fish, vegetables, or cooked egg inside a sheet of dried seaweed. It is known as nori. And the chef spreads the rice onto the sticky rice, then adds the filling ingredients once rolling the sushi with a bamboo mat. It is makisu.

3. Temaki

popular types of sushi's, temaki sushi

Temaki is a cone-shaped sushi roll. That is similar to maki but is made with hand instead of using a bamboo mat. The chef typically takes a sheet of nori, adds a small amount of sushi rice. And then adds a variety of fillings before rolling the sushi into a cone shape. It is also a very famous sushi among other popular types of sushi’s.

4. Uramaki

uramaki sushi

Uramaki is a type of sushi roll similar to maki in that the rice is on the outside and the nori is on the inside. Typically, the chef spreads the rice onto a sheet of plastic wrap, adds the filling ingredients. And then flips the sushi over to wrap it in nori before slicing it into pieces.

5. Narezushi

popular types of sushi's, narezushi

Other than the above popular types of sushi’s, Narezushi is special. This is a traditional fermented sushi. It includes, layering fish, salt, and rice in a wooden barrel and fermenting it for several months. The fermentation process degrades the proteins in the fish, resulting in a tangy, flavorful taste. Although it is less popular today than other types of sushi, narezushi has a long history in Japan.

Sushi is available in a variety of forms, including nigiri (small mounds of rice topped with a slice of raw fish), maki (sushi rolls wrapped in nori and filled with rice and various ingredients), temaki (hand-rolled sushi cones), and even a bowl of sushi rice topped with sashimi, vegetables, or other toppings.

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